A Bit of Magic


It’s funny how random meetings in random places can work out.  I made a friend while shooting on a snowy day in the Toronto Zoo a few years ago and it was he who somehow read between the lines of a rather innocuous Christmas greeting and said, “hey, come for a visit, sounds like you need a break.”

So we went and spent New Years outside the city. The snowfall during one of our outings turned out to be as magical as the one that had occurred over the weekend we met, but with more subject matter! Big snowflakes, gently wafting down, created gorgeous scenes, albeit adding more difficulty with focusing.  Cameras using autofocus were focusing on snowflakes.  Manually focusing required trying to focus on subjects behind a curtain of snow, often while glasses were fogging up.

Many shots here were taken at Parc Omega, in Quebec, and a few were taken on and around the lake next to where we stayed.  One night, I walked out the door to look at the stars and was greeted with howling from across the lake. More magic.  We all need a lot more of that.

Our past trip to Omega can be seen here.















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